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«UDS Game» Project.

The company offers a wide range of online products to their users and also rewards their users for recommending the company's services to new users.

«UDS Game» considers its users' interests their priority. This principle is the basis of all decisions we take, including while collecting and processing of your personal data. We tried to make the following policy as clear and transparent as possible. Our goal is that you the «UDS Game» user always feel confident when it comes to privacy.


According to the new edition dated 20/05/18.

The mission of «UDS Game» is to create and develop online products that simplify or improve people’s habitual presence on the Internet. Your personal data protection is maintained on the basis of generally accepted industry standards. «UDS Game» may not disclose information concerning you to third parties without your consent or unless it is required by law, as specified in the present Policy, and will always notify you of substantial changes in the Privacy Policy.

The main aim of «UDS Game» is to become a leading participant in the World Market of Internet services. Registered users (hereinafter - the Participants) contact other Participants, share knowledge and experience and find opportunities for business development via our network. We are confident that our services and products help participants to communicate freely, to seek the new and effectively elicit their professional potential. Our business is based on the values and priorities of the «UDS Game» project, namely:

Maintaining your confidence is also one of the «UDS Game» priorities. The principles we use for your privacy protection are the following:

«UDS Game» protects your personal data and may disclose it to third parties only in the following cases:

  1. with your consent;
  2. when it is required by your instructions;
  3. when it is reasonably necessary to provide services and functionality to you;
  4. in accordance with legislative requirements;
  5. to enforce the terms of the «UDS Game» User Agreement or to protect the rights, property or safety of «UDS Game», Participants or the public.

In accordance with the industry standards «UDS Game» implements a number of measures focused on protecting your data.

One of the most important priorities of the company is to protect and keep user personal data safe and secure. In order to protect user personal information and to follow the requirements set by the European privacy law No 2016/679 dated by 27.04.16 and taken effect on May 25, 2018, aiming at providing more effective and secure ways of control of the personal data to the interested parties, the Administration of the App undertakes to respect users’ rights in accordance with the Swiss, European and other fundamental laws protecting personal data applicable to the App.

«UDS Game» may periodically make amendments in the present Privacy Policy and in case of making significant amendments «UDS Game» publishes a relevant notice on the website, applications and other services (hereinafter «UDS Game» or Services) or notifies you by other means so that you can view the changes before continuing to work with «UDS Game». If you disagree with any changes, you can close your account. Continued operations with «UDS Game» after publication or distribution of notice of the changes to this Privacy Policy means that you agree with the changes.

1. Collected data

1.1. Organizations involved in data processing

«UDS Game» Privacy Policy is applicable to all «UDS Game» account holders. If you are concerned about the very fact of giving us your information, a possibility of displaying this information in «UDS Game» services or use of this information by other means in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the User Agreement, you should not become a Participant of «UDS Game» and visit our website. Personal data is collected in the following ways:

1.2. Logging in

When creating an account on our website, you should provide us with information (including your name, email address and password) that we use to facilitate working with «UDS Game» according to your personal preferences.

For creating an account in «UDS Game» you should give us at least the following details of yours: name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, registration address, password and the 4-digit PIN-code. During the registration process, you can specify other information (e.g. sex and region). This additional information is used to provide individualized services, such as display of profiles, updates and content in your native language, relevant advertising and recommendations of suitable career opportunities. All this can be displayed in «UDS Game» profile and is browsable for other Participants. You should agree that when creating your account, you authorize «UDS Game» to use the provided data in accordance with the User Agreement. When paying for certain «UDS Game» services and products we may request your bank card data.

1.3. Account information in the back office

You can add the following information: phone number, ICQ number, Skype login, mailbox address, account photo to your account.

1.4. Support service

When you contact support service, «UDS Game» collects data in order to answer your questions and improve the service quality.

When you contact support service, «UDS Game» collects data that helps to categorize questions and answer them, and if necessary, to investigate violations of the terms of the User Agreement or the present Privacy Policy. This information is also used to identify potential problems, monitor trends and improve the quality of the support responses.

1.5. Using the «UDS Game» website

«UDS Game» collects data when you visit «UDS Game» website, use «UDS Game» applications for mobile devices and interact with advertisements in «UDS Game». «UDS Game» collects data when you use the «UDS Game» website, use «UDS Game» applications (for example,«UDS Game» for iPhone, «UDS Game» for Android, etc.). «UDS Game» collects data when you browse advertisements or click on them, join groups, participate in polls, install the «UDS Game» mobile application.

1.6. Using third-party services and visiting third-party websites

«UDS Game» collects data when you use the «UDS Game» account to log on other websites or other services.

«UDS Game» receives information when you use the «UDS Game» account to logon to other websites or a third-party application.

1.7. Cookie-files

«UDS Game» uses cookie-files to personalize «UDS Game» opportunities and to display relevant advertisement.

«UDS Game» uses cookie-files or similar technologies, including mobile devices identifiers for identifying you, improving the usability of «UDS Game», improving safety, analyzing the use of the Services and displaying advertising. By accessing the «UDS Game» website, you hereby consent to the placement of cookie-files and web beacons in your browser in accordance with the present Privacy Policy.

1.8. Advertising

You agree that your data may be used for more accurate content personalization, including improving the relevance of search results and advertising displayed.

1.9. Log files, IP-addresses and information concerning your computer or mobile device

«UDS Game» collects data from devices and networks through which you connect to «UDS Game». This information helps to improve the quality and safety of Services and Products.

1.10. Others

«UDS Game» is constantly working on improving the quality of services and products, which means that in the course of time new ways of collecting data may be implemented. «UDS Game» reserves the right to implement new features, some of which are used for data collection.

2. Use of Personal Data

One of «UDS Game» priorities is a comprehensive user support in terms of promotion of «UDS Game» products, so we use your information as safely and competently as possible.

2.1. Consent to personal data processing

By registration on «UDS Game» you agree that the information specified by you in a profile will be accessible for other Participants and will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the User Agreement.

Personal data that you provide to «UDS Game» company, may be indirectly used to disclose aspects of your personal life, not specified explicitly in the profile. Providing personal data to «UDS Game» when creating or updating an account and profile, you voluntarily and explicitly accept the terms and conditions of the «UDS Game» User Agreement and voluntarily consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Providing information in «UDS Game», including any information considered confidential under the applicable law, is entirely voluntary. The person who registered the account is fully responsible for its credibility.

2.2. Messages and notifications from «UDS Game»

«UDS Game» interacts with you by sending messages, e-mails and other means. «UDS Game» can send you messages related to the availability of Services and Products, safety and other aspects of Services and Products provision. E-mail, notices on the website «UDS Game», SMS-messages may be used to contact you.

2.3. Your responsibility for keeping «UDS Game» Identification Number and password

You undertake responsibility for the security of «UDS Game» ID Number and password that you use to get access to our services. You must promptly inform us if there is any suspicion of illegal use of your «UDS Game» ID or password by any other persons. As your «UDS Game» ID and password are unique, you undertake your sole responsibility for partial or full use of our services by using your «UDS Game» ID.


Any person under the age of 18 is considered minor and has no right to participate in the marketing plan of «UDS Game» company and receive monetary compensation for the recommendation of company services. The user is personally responsible for violation of this paragraph, as well as for misinforming the Company about their age by making entering information during registration.

2.5. Providing data to Affiliates

«UDS Game» may provide your personal data to Affiliates of «UDS Game», who do not directly process your data if it is necessary for the provision of Services. Accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree with this practice.

2.6. Content

You undertake responsibility for any information published by you on the «UDS Game» website and this information will be accessible for other Participants. If you share content on the website or import blog or other data, you should take into consideration that the published data can be read, collected, or used by other participants in the relevant forums, developers and third-party «UDS Game» is not responsible for the information you post in these forums. Content in «UDS Game» groups may be publicly available for browsing and searching on the Internet. Other Participants may copy and use information that you publish.

2.7. Providing data in the judicial process and in other cases provided by law

«UDS Game» may provide your personal data in case of a subpoena, or in accordance with other legal process requirements, as well as in cases where it is required to enforce the terms of the User Agreement.

It is possible that «UDS Game» will be obliged to disclose personal data, the information specified in the profile, and/or information about the «UDS Game» Participant’s activity in case of subpoena or in accordance with other legal process requirements, as well as in cases where «UDS Game» has grounds to believe that disclosure is necessary for:

  1. an investigation, prevention or taking actions against suspected or actual violations or help government enforcement agencies;
  2. to enforce the terms of the User Agreement, to investigate any claims or accusations of third parties and to defence from them or to ensure the security and integrity of «UDS Game»;
  3. maintenance of protection of the rights, property or security of «UDS Game», Participants and «UDS Game» staff or others.

2.8. Disclosure information to others due to amendments of control over the «UDS Game» website or its sale.

In case of amendments of control or full or partial selling of «UDS Game», «UDS Game» can provide your data to a third party, which will have the right to use this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

«UDS Game» may also provide your personal information to a third party when selling «UDS Game» assets, a sub-company or division, as well as when changing control over the company or one of its Affiliates, or during the preparation for these procedures. Any third party to whom «UDS Game» transfers or sells its assets, will be entitled to continue to use the personal and other information provided by you in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

3. Participant’s Rights and Obligations

3.1. Rights to manage personal data and to close an account

You can change the data in the «UDS Game» at any time by editing your account, deleting the published content or closing your account. You can also request more information about your account, which «UDS Game» may have.

You are entitled to:

  1. view, modify, rectify and delete your personal data related to your account and controlled by «UDS Game»;
  2. modify and delete published content;
  3. close your account.

3.2. Saving Data

«UDS Game» saves your data as long as your account is active or while it is necessary. For example, «UDS Game» can store certain information even after closing the account if it is necessary to fulfil the requirements of the legislation, to settle disputes, to prevent fraud or abuse, and to ensure the provisions of this Policy.

«UDS Game» retains personal information that you provide, as long as your account exists, or as is necessary to provide the Services to you. «UDS Game» can save your personal data even after closing the account if it is necessary for the execution of requirements of the legislation, settlement of disputes between the Participants, prevention of fraud or abuse, and to ensure provisions of this Policy. «UDS Game» can store personal data during a limited period of time in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. «UDS Game» Support Service can store information as long as it is necessary for reporting and of this service work analysis.

3.3. Participant’s Obligations

You shall be obliged to follow and execute the terms of the User Agreement. As a Participant, you shall have certain responsibilities towards other Participants. Some of these responsibilities are determined by the relevant legislation and regulations.

You shall be obliged to execute all terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, the User Agreement. It is also necessary to uphold all intellectual property rights (such as trademarks or photographs) that may belong to third parties. • You shall not download or otherwise distribute any information that may violate the rights of other Participants or can be regarded as dangerous, offensive, promoting violence, racism or xenophobia, as well as in any way contrary to the purpose and spirit of «UDS Game». You shall keep confidential and not disclose your credentials to others (e-mail address and password) used to log on.

In the case of non-compliance with the above-said obligations, an operation of your account may be unilaterally limited, suspended or terminated by «UDS Game».

4. Important notices

4.1. Introduction of amendments to the Privacy Policy

«UDS Game» will notify you of any Amendments to this Privacy Policy.

«UDS Game» may periodically make changes in this Privacy Policy. If there are any substantive changes related to the processing of personal data or the Privacy Policy, you can find information about them on the official website. We advise you to study the changes carefully. If you agree with the changes, you can simply continue to use «UDS Game». If you disagree with any changes and do not want to use «UDS Game» any longer, you should close your account. Unless stated otherwise, this Privacy Policy shall be applied to all information about you and your account, which «UDS Game» has.

4.2. Security

«UDS Game» has strong views on security and privacy issues, however, you should remember that the Internet is an unsafe environment, be cautious and use strong passwords. There is no guarantee that the information will not be reviewed, disclosed, altered or destroyed by virtue of failure or overcoming any physical, technical and administrative security measures. You shall be responsible for the security of your credentials. E-mails, instant messaging and similar means of communication with other «UDS Game» Participants are not encrypted, so transmitting confidential information by it is not recommended. Using a strong password is recommended to ensure account security.